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Benett Kim



Born in Los Angeles in 1985 and raised in Seoul, Korea until the age of 13, I have been drawing as early as I could remember. At age of 6, I watched how classic Disney animated films were made, and I was completely blown away. The concept of making drawings move inspired and fascinated me, and I started dreaming that I was going to make an animated movie of my own someday.

The passion of making animated films has led me wanting to study the medium, so I went to California Institute of the Arts and eventually got my BFA degree in Character Animation in 2009. The study was followed by MFA in Animation at UCLA in 2013.

After graduating, I now live in Glendale, California and work at an animation studio named Titmouse in Hollywood as an animator.

Some of my other interests include baseball, table tennis, video games, Chinese characters, playing board games like chess and baduk(go).

1985년 미국 로스앤젤레스에서 태어나 몇 년 후 대한민국 서울로 건너와 13세가 되던 1998년까지 자랐다. 어렸을 때부터 그리기를 즐겼으며, 어린 시절에 본 디즈니 장편 애니메이션들을 보고 언젠가 자신도 스스로 애니메이션을 만들어 보고 싶다는 꿈을 키우게 된다.

애니메이션이라는 매체를 더 알고 싶은 열정에 이끌려 도미(渡美),  캘리포니아 예술학교 (CalArts)에서 BFA로 캐릭터 애니메이션을, UCLA에서는 MFA로 애니메이션을 전공했다.

졸업 후, 미국 캘리포니아 주 글렌데일에 거주하고 있으며, 현재 헐리우드에 위치한 티트마우스라는 이름의 애니메이션 스튜디오에서 애니메이터로 활동 중이다.

취미로 야구 관전, 탁구, 비디오 게임, 바둑 등을 즐긴다.


5 thoughts on “About Benettokimo

  1. Hi Benet – I love your drawings of the UCLA Sculpture Garden. I am an undergraduate at UCLA in World Arts and Cultures studying ethnograhphy. I am currently creating an ethnographic study of the sculpture garden and would like to use your sketches on my blog. Would this be ok? I am using visual methodologies to show embodied behaviors e.g. sleeping, studying, talking, etc. that take place in the garden. Your drawings illustrate that idea really well. Please let me know. I always prefer to post with permissions! Thanks, Rebecca

  2. Hi Benett. I’m writing a children’s book that has to do with a Hodag. Searching through images I came across your drawing. I really like your style. I would like to use your drawing, with permission of course. I’m just getting my children’s series off the ground. The first book in the series is on Amazon publishing (Adventures of The Crooked Lake Kids: “Red Dog” Sun). I would give you credit in the book and pay you some kind of dividend if I ever sell any! I am looking for an illustrator as well. Maybe check out the book and let me know what you think.

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