My Films

Here are animated shorts written, animated, and directed by me.

홍계관 洪啓寬: The King and the Fortune Teller

*Winner of UCLA Festival of Animation 2013 Best Story Award*

Based on a legend that takes place in the 16th century Korea, a fortune teller named Hong Kye-Gwan is summoned by the king to perform his amazing fortune telling skill. However, things go wrong and Hong must find ways to alter his fate in order to live.

My thesis film for MFA Animation produced at UCLA Animation Workshop.
Music by Jamie Thierman.


*Winner of UCLA Festival of Animation 2012 Best in Show Award*

Snaggletooth the carnotaurus finds himself in a tough situation when he realizes his own body is his worst enemy. Made at UCLA Animation Workshop in 2012.

Modeled, rigged, and animated in Autodesk Maya 2012.

The Last Out

Clay, Ron, and their team are trying to get out of a jam in their final inning of a baseball game, but will they succeed so with one more out to catch?

Produced at UCLA Animation Workshop as a 181C film.
Traditionally animated and composed digitally.
Music by Hillary Thomas.

Kiss Cam

Fourth year short in Calarts. Work in progress.


Third year short in Calarts.
Selected for screening in 2008 CalArts Character Animation Producers’ Show.
Official selection of 2008 San Diego Asian Film Festival Animated Shorts Program.
Official selection of 2008 Santa Clarita Film Festival College Animation Block.

Nightmare @ the Bookstore

Second year short in Calartst.
Selected for screening in 2007 CalArts Character Animation Producers’ Show.

Flushed Away

First year short in CalArts.


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